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Moving women with long standing unachieved or deferred goals to achievement!

Getting the “stuck” “unstuck”!

Are you?           

  • a full time or part time employed and have long standing dreams of an entrepreneurial endeavor?
  • a Stay at home mom attempting to re-enter the workforce?
  •  a Women simply seeking balance/peace but have no idea how to get there?

If you know what you want but have barriers in getting there, then life coaching is meant for you. Our life Coaching package will aid in the clear definition of goals, exploration of barriers, and the creation of a step by step plan for achievement. We coach women in the pursuit of dreams deferred!

Methods: Phone or video conferencing


Coaching women in the pursuit of long deferred dreams using the Re-DEFINE method.


D-define the goal (clear, concise, measurable)

E– Eliminate past physical and Psychological barriers.

F-Fearless movement to identify Resources necessary for goal pursuit and achievement (money, people, tools, education.)

I-Initiate  the creation of  action plan

N–next day objective plan (daily)

E-Execute Goal

You do not have to go another day feeling “stuck.” You have been dreaming long enough.  Let today be the day you take the steps to achieve those long standing goals! Call to schedule a phone consultation today and take the first steps into your new life!

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