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So….What is Balance Anyway?

What is Balance Anyway?


My preference is to define “balance” without ever using any words regarding measurement. Balance is a mathematical term that makes people think of things like 50/50 or 80/20. I do not think that is possible in the dynamic and fluid lives that moms and dads live today. A number cannot adequately represent what it is that we do all day. Let’s just avoid that all together. We are parents and  we have a myriad of activities that draw our attention at different times every day!


We have jobs, children, homes, spouses, extended family, pets, friendships,  churches, or other spiritual endeavors, schools, and volunteer activities to deal with every day! We have schedules to juggle, deadlines to meet, meals to prepare, lectures to give, repairs to complete, homework to do (I mean assist with), pampers to change, spills to mop up, books to balance, articles to read, faces to wipe off, walls to wipe off, soccer practices, dance rehearsals, chess clubs… you get it. I get it!  Measurements will do us a grave injustice. We need to go by feeling. The feeling we are chasing is PEACE..


Real words and numbers will end up confusing us, overwhelming us, and ultimately contributing to our quitting. Peace and its pursuit will encouraged us to never give up.


So…let’s define Peace.


My definition: A quiet mind at the end of a day. No woulda, coulda, shoulda’s when going to bed. A sense of knowing that I have put in the time and effort in all my areas of life that are meaningful to me. Solved problems and plans for solved problems go in this definition as well. Life is fluid….there will always be something but a plan will also bring some sense of peace.


What is your Peace?


Find that paper (notebook, cell phone…whatever you are writing in or on at this point), pen, and quiet space and take some more of your “personal alone time” to figure it out. (that’s two chances to focus on “personal alone time”…we are doing really well with this one!)


Helpful hint…do this in the tub ….with bubbles (if you are using a phone, I hope its waterproof!), on the patio or front porch, on a park bench, in front of a water feature (water always makes me feel peaceful), with a glass of wine, cup of coffee or tea, soft music, or rock n roll (whatever you like), candles, etc… you get the idea.